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19-Sep-2017 19:31

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3) SONG HYE KYO & LEE BYUNG HUN Oh well, Song Hye Kyo seems to fall for her co-stars huh.Both appeared in the 2003 drama All In although they broke up barely a year after.4)PARK MIN YOUNG & LEE MIN HO Ah…of course the City Hunter couple.Park Min Young the envy of almost every woman in Korea.According to sources close to him, “Lee Dong Gun has already set a time to enter the filming for “Every Day Every Night”.He will officially start filming on 1st May and the drama will be broadcasted on schedule in the middle of June.” Besides the drama, Lee Dong Gun will be releasing a single in Japan and will fly there to promote it in the middle of May.The dude is freaking good, to the point that I want to kill him because he’s too evil (very convincing). The drama was mysterious but cute and very engaging. Though a lot of people say that the story line was kind of boring (because they were dragging out the story-line for too long), I still find this show cute and light to watch.

Aside from the three main actors, who gave their best to portray their characters, I would also like to express my admiration to Jang Hyun Sung. The actors were all good; they played their characters so well. Honestly, what I first started watching Moorim School, I thought it’s giving me that Harry Potter and Dream High feel.Please click here to check the part 2 of this list. I’ve been watching one romantic comedy drama just about every night since 2012. Yes, this drama is not a Romantic comedy and shouldn’t be on this list, but Signal is no doubt one of the best Korean dramas of 2016. The story is so smart, filled with great characters. My feelings towards the typical romantic comedy are a lot like my feelings toward “Sodas”. Lol Anyway, kidding aside, the drama was really good.Since the tragic loss of his brother on 20th March, Lee Dong Gun had suspended all his activities.

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But latest news is that he will be making his comeback in May. I guess it's true that all good things come to an end.

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