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An assistant district attorney may have surprised jurors Tuesday at the start of Joshua Wagner's trial.

The 37-year-old man is accused of stabbing his neighbor nine times, including one deep jab to his victim's heart, in south Anchorage in 2011.

Their party goers skills of balance, aim and coordination are put to the test. A one of a kind French Naturist video of the children of Montalivet.

This town in Southern France that is devoted to Naturism with nude beaches, hotels, restaurants, and public nudity in the banks, grocery stores, etc.

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I had never heard her poetry before but truth be told, it was after her reading where I truly became intrigued by Kane.

I suppose you know you have made it when the nut jobs start crawling out from under their rocks and making threats.

(But just in case it’s a real dickless wonder with an attitude have the Troopers toss my phone records for the last hour.) Yep, there he is, seems him and another guy that I have never met (but know through Facebook) have been having a pissing match.

I do a search and find an article in the Anchorage Daily News and see the name of the Dr that issues the medical marijuana prescriptions. COLORADO AND WASHINGTON HAVE LEGALIZED IT YOU STUPID FUCK!!!! ” “YOU %$#@*&, I don’t CARE if my Dr can’t work in Arizona, THIS IS ALASKA” “well, Mike, I have asked the DHSS to look into your Doctors credentials in regards to his having been found “unsafe” in another state and they have agreed to so.” “I’m glad you called, now i have your Arizona number!

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I already knew he was an LA Dr they brought up but had never bothered to look into him. WE GO IN TO STORES AND BUY OUR WEED AND PAY TAXES YOU STUPID FUCKED UP COCKSUCKER!!! So I get on my Google Voice account and call TMC Medical Clinic (just so he will see the call coming from Arizona and screw with his head) to see who answers. Seems he can’t afford to hire a person to answer the phones at his clinic. ” the phone changes sounds, like he switches to speaker phone “This is the Arizona State Patrol” (sounds a lot like Mike Smith on speaker phone) “we are recording this con..” click.

So if you are in Spain on holiday, look out for me. Please contact me on my guestbook in the Members' area and tell me what you would like to see me wearing and in what situations.