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HOUSTON, TX – Video has surfaced showing the moment a man was placed in a chokehold by a deputy’s husband, days before the man would die from his injuries.

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Where I do have an issue is that multiple people are telling the man to get off Hernandez because he could not breathe, while he just looks around dumbly like a redneck whale that just beached itself.

Hurricane Irene – one of the most destructive and deadliest hurricanes to hit the U. It's become an annual event for the company - and has quickly been mirrored by social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which share their own 'Top Ten' most shared around Christmas every year.

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MARY’S – 18 Arrested: COATES, MARK 45 YEARS OLD TIMBERLAKE, NC Arresting Officer: Sr. Davis September 05, 2016 SB 97 N OF 26 – CARROLL – 06 Arrested: WYATT, LACY 28 YEARS OLD SYKESVILLE, MD Arresting Officer: TFC Barry September 05, 2016 I/L @ WILKENS – BALTIMORE COUNTY – 03 SELLERS, JEFFREY 31 YEARS OLD FREDERICK, MD TPR Hinkley September 05, 2016 N/B I-495 @ ARENA DR – PRINCE GEORGE’S – 16 Arrested: RANKIN, BRITTANY 25 YEARS OLD UPPER MARLBORO, MD Arresting Officer: TFC Piskor September 05, 2016 S/B 95 @ 198 – PRINCE GEORGE’S – 16 Arrested: JANAMPA YAPURASI, RICHARD 23 YEARS OLD SILVER SPRING, MD Arresting Officer: TFC Maszarose September 05, 2016 NORTH EAST PLAZA – CECIL – 07 Arrested: PRICE, DON 39 YEARS OLD NORTH EAST, MD Arresting Officer: TPR Tittle September 05, 2016 RT 34 W/B AT SHARPSBURG ELEM SCH – WASHINGTON – 21 Arrested: REED, ROBBIE 50 YEARS OLD SHEPHERDSTOWN, WV Arresting Officer: Mstr. 50 ON RAMP #2 TO MD 424 – ANNE ARUNDEL – 02 Arrested: NEWLON, DOUGLAS 56 YEARS OLD LAUREL, MD Arresting Officer: TPR Smith September 05, 2016 4002 PHILADELPHIA RD – HARFORD – 12 Arrested: HALL, DAVID 47 YEARS OLD EDGEWOOD, MD Arresting Officer: TFC Bishop September 06, 2016 W/B 140 E/O MARKET ST – CARROLL – 06 Arrested: CARTER 2ND, CHARLES 23 YEARS OLD BALTIMORE, MD Arresting Officer: TFC Hopkins September 06, 2016 E HIGH ST A/O CHURCH ST – CECIL – 07 Arrested: MINOR, SEAN 49 YEARS OLD ELKTON, MD Arresting Officer: TPR Rubio, Jr.He was confronted by the husband of an off-duty deputy about his behavior and a physical altercation ensued after Hernandez threw the first punch.According to eyewitnesses, Hernandez is punched repeatedly in the head before being taken to the ground. Although we don't have hard copies to distribute, due to popular demand we have made our back issues available to you on line. Scorching Hot July TV, Modern Rockers-Vintage Riffs, Va Va Va Voom Sexy Retro Swimwear, GREENOVATION: 5 Cool Gadgets, Eco Garden, UPCYCLE Interiors « click cover to view issue Christian Slater and Rami Malek star in Mr.

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I want her to find a man who will love her as much as her father has loved me for almost 40 years. She tried setting up her son Jordan Beck, a 27-year-old former pro-football player, with girls several times without any luck.… continue reading »

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