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Exactly here was the Great Silk Road, jointed China, India, Central Asia, Iraq, and also countries of the Middle East and Mediterranean.

Many caravans transferred silk and porcelain, spices, jewelry, carpets and medicines.

Uzbekistan is famous with amazing hospitality: people here will meet you very warm!

Also it is very beautiful and rich with recourses country.

“Daryo” — jahonda va O‘zbekistonda sodir bo‘layotgan eng so‘nggi yangiliklarni o‘zbek o‘quvchilariga sodda va tushunarli tilda hamda tezkor yetkazib berishga mo‘ljallangan internet-nashrdir.

Dastur orqali “Daryo” nashrining yangiliklaridan o‘z vaqtida xabardor bo‘lishingiz mumkin.

Uzbek earth went through many things: ups and down of the civilizations, wars of the many majestic empires, people migrations, brilliance of the scientific ideas, miracles of the architecture.

It also provides a mechanism to categorize them and add them to favorites list for quick access.The nature will make you surprise with her great variety: hot and majestic sands of the Kyzyl-Kum desert, where went ancient caravans of the Great Silk Road, amazing mountain system of Tien-Shan and Pamir, lifeless steppe and deserts are changing with oasis where growth cotton and figs, rise and grapes.