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21-Jul-2017 13:40

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Of the three options, Homeboy has also been around the longest.

Though there aren't many online reviews, the app has been sufficiently reviewed.

The Stick Up Cam is fine, but the Nest Cam Outdoor and Netgear Arlo are stronger DIY security cameras.

The Ring Stick Up Cam is a discreet outdoor-rated security camera with a black finish.

An example of a CAM that is charged to only a subset of tenants might be the charges for cleaning the food court area, where all of the vendors in the court collectively cover the higher cost of cleaning the tables on a frequent schedule.

Landlord and Tenant negotiate CAM charges before signing the lease, so the charges vary from lease to lease, and operating costs that can be billed as CAM charges by the landlord vary from tenant to tenant.

Generally, landlords want CAM charges defined so broadly that they can pass through a majority of their operating expenses to tenants.

That's similar to the i Pad Air 2, although that was a little less efficient with media playback, with the battery dropping to 77% in the same test.

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The slightly stronger performance from the mini 4's battery might be down to the lower-spec processor, but the difference between the two is negligible, especially in real-world use.

At half brightness, which is more around where you're likely to keep it, the i Pad mini 4 can keep chugging along for hours on end; 45 minutes of web browsing over Wi-Fi saw a drop of 6% for example.