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I'd not bother preventing a sentiment like the totally hilarious "long necked giraffe" reference. :) It's a shame that all the top answers are existential and defeatist diversions from the programming challenge.With "cyborg" computational services like Mechanical Turk gaining steam, and almost all software becoming social, it is more important than ever to have a heuristic to red-flag content and bring it to the attention of a moderator!Please direct any comments or feedback about this document (only! The purpose of this document is to give a general idea of how DALnet, the IRC network on which we all spend so much time, got started and grew to what it is today. If you need help on issues not covered in this document, please see the information at Here's a vastly more better Sub Genius links page from POPESS LILITH. In fact, one of these days, we'll change the FRONT PAGE of THIS WEBSITE!

This chapter will discuss two different issues: the regulation of potentially harmful content such as pornography on the Internet; and regulation of invariably illegal content such as child pornography.

The characters have been re-imagined as overly lustful and sex-crazed; frequently engaging in lewd activities and using vulgar language.

Each audio short is narrated by British actor Jim Dale, who also has been incorporated as a totally new character in the context of the parody." The series currently spans four episodes: "Dirty Potter and the Snape Murders Dumbledore"; "Dirty Potter and the Deathly Farts", "Dirty Potter and the Fabulous Gay Farty Pee and Poo Party", and "Fuckbeak & Friends".

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Dirty Potter is what results when the Harry Potter audiobooks, as narrated by Jim Dale, meet with Manipulative Editing.

Both attempts were criticised and the US Supreme Court struck down the CDA in June 1997.

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