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30-Dec-2017 23:12

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If in another situation, where there are only 2 update panels, and one will set off another one, then “Always” should be applied.One good example would be that there is a modal form for adding a new record which is in one update panel, and in another update panel there is a search grid which displays all records, both has the value of always set in the value, this will cause an refresh in the search grid update panel, which updates the grid with the new value.Net 3.5 add the following markup: Dim _udp As Update Panel Private Sub Page_Init(sender As Object, e As Event Args) Handles Me. Please post there, and I’ll update this page with any solutions that look reasonable. Update() End Sub There is a wrapping panel here between the user control and the update panel.

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When the user click on one of these Link Button controls, a Modal Popup shows up, with a Drop Down List control and two Button Controls inside it.

I am fetching playlist out of an xml file and bind the grid to that xml. When i place this grid within Update Panel, for the first page its all fine.