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08-Sep-2017 11:30

Peter Hunziker and Cynthia Riddle’s script speeds through the events of Murphy’s professional and personal life to chart a humdrum roller-coaster ride of highs (“Clueless,” “Don’t Say a Word,” dating Ashton Kutcher) and lows (getting fired after one day on low-budget thriller “The Caller,” being labeled the “Jordache Junky,” rushing into marriage with opportunist Simon Monjack).Everything is filtered through Murphy’s tight-knit relationship with her mother, Sharon (Sherilyn Fenn).Instead, the telepic’s more pedestrian offenses include embarrassing scripting, awkward performances and threadbare production values.

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Admittedly, that would be an uphill battle for any actress, especially given the severe limitations of the production.

I started getting all these emails from my readers detailing their Tinder date recaps from start to finish.

I soon realized that people want to talk about online dating and whether or not it works because people want to talk about meeting someone in general.

One of Murphy’s last roles coincidentally was as the star of a relatively classier Lifetime pic, 2009’s Nora Roberts adaptation “Tribute.” Apparently, the story of her life doesn’t merit anything in the same league, as no expense or effort appears to have gone into this bargain-basement, cringe-inducing portrait of shattered Hollywood dreams.

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As biopics go, it makes Lifetime’s recent “Anna Nicole” look like “Coal Miner’s Daughter.” The problems begin with an unfortunately cast Amanda Fuller (one of Tim Allen’s daughters on “Last Man Standing”) as Murphy.My, my, body, mind and heart together tug at me to keep you another minute, entice you into a wordless kind of play. Hush time with me; watch how these tectonic plates lock, drift, whirl around each other. Just at the thought of it, a denial more overwhelming than submission.

Are you losing hope in meeting the person of your dreams on-line? You know that old expression " Time Is Money" Here we are, there is no reason to be alone.… continue reading »

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Dr Manish Pandit, a nuclear medicine physician from UK is making a movie on Krishna as a historic figure. And the astronomical juxtapositions are not arbitrary or those that could happen in any decade or such… (these are from Udyoga and Bhisma Parvan).(1)Amavasya occurs in Jyestha in 19 years (2) (1) PLUS Solar Eclipse in Jyesth occurs in 340 years.… continue reading »

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Down can be used for dating as well, but lets be honest: This app still lives up to its former name.… continue reading »

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